People Marched to Win Their Rights

6 month has finished for that tsunami disaster. But the people who are living in north, northeast and south, suffering from many difficulties in emergency shelters As well as small shanties. They lost their children, properties and all the native places. At the present situation all the customary heritages of the fishing communities are going to exploit by forcefully by the government. The date which disaster was happened they are bearing all the humble treatments for them actually theirs bearing capacity was expired by 25th of June. Among all those barriers and difficulties they decided to go to a protest to win their own rights on 26th of June against the tyrannical rulers in the country. But unfortunately they have not been permitted to this protest by the Sri Lankan police who were educated even one day under the free education in Srilanka. But they couldn’t stop that because the fight was built up with their own encourages. Thought it had organized on 26th of June they were not permitted to do because of the surfing game of the foreigners that organized by the Sri Lankan tourist industry to full fill their desires. The government which doesn’t pay an attention for these poor people to win their realistic and justice rights the foreigners will be permitted to full fill their desires at any movement. That’s what our government only does.

Especially we noticed a large number of fishermen, women and the children dad attended to this protest in many areas in pothuwill district. pasachchenei, pothuwill. Ulla, Nindaul, and Kalmune. People were protesting from paslachchenei to pothuwill town on foot shouting as loud as possible. They had some justice requirements from the government.

1. Rs. 5000 payment should be given up to 6 month
2. To getting lands for affected people[ displaces]
3. Getting permanent hous4es to victims.

The main points of their questions are not to give their fishing lands for tourism as well as not vacate them from the buffer zone. They try to emphasize to government directly. The General secretary of the World Forum of Fisher People [WFFP] and National Convener of the National Fisheries Solidarity [NAFSO] Mr. Herman Kumara also attended the protest and their final meeting they had organized. Not only the National Convenr was addressing the crowd but also he kept a special expression before the people , If the government didn’t get an action for that and if they don’t like to come to the final agreement in respect of this matter, a large protest will be organized all over the Sri Lanka on 16th of July.
Internationally our government is talking about the tsunami joint mechanism but they don’t have any clear procedure for the victims.