Prior Arrangements on Economic Rehabilitation Program

Monthly evaluation meeting on  the programs that NAFSO implements especially in the North and East was held commonly on 3rd of April 2012.  District coordinators in Jaffna, Mannar, Ampara, Trincomalie, Betticaloa and Kilinochchi participated to the meeting and administrative secretary and program coordinators participated as NAFSO secretariat.
 In the mean while a separated meeting was conducted with the district animators in Trincomalie, Mannar and Betticaloa where the new project called Economic Rehabilitation Program among women headed families is going to implement to assess the previous month progress according to the plan on this project. Therefore, some planed activities have been complete in district level.
According to Mannar district, they have met women who are in Thaalpadu  community to aware about the project and identify their attitude on that. A meeting was held to identify the correct members for selecting committee. They have nominated some committee members consisting of religion leaders, Grama office, president of citizen forum, one deputy minister of education, president of  focus group, one representative of local government and coordinator of wome rural development society.
As Trincomalie district, they have discussed  about the project among activators   moreover and prepared a rough plan to continue the project. Information about various  income generation activities and potential to be started have been collected and categorized as sector wise.  They also have identified some persons to the selecting committee as one principle, Grama officer, president of fisher cooperative society, one representative of local government, president of citizen forum, religion leader and president of district women society.
Betticaloa district also has completed some planned activities. They have prepared a rough plan to conduct the program discussing among them.  As a important  thing, they have discussed with Grama officer, members of agrarian society, president of rural labour society and president of focus group   to build up the selecting committee.
The basic preparation is been achieved to implement the project strongly.