Caravan for awareness raising on new seed act

Unity of Several Civil Organizations have started awareness campaign on troublesome "Seed Act" of Sri Lanka which already developed with the support of scholars who are working with multinational companies on agri business.
The Awareness caravan started on 10th Oct. from Kilinochchi district (North) with religious activities and campaign will continue till 16th of Oct (World Food(less) day. A group from  South started the campaign from Hambanthota district and will meet the people in Mathara district, Galle district, Kaluthara District, finally both groups will meet at colombo on 16th to conduct national level program with protest against the Act.  
 New seed act of Sri Lanka has been developed and yet to be pass by the Parliament. According to the act no body can hold or use traditional seeds except it buy through registered vendor. if any one holds seeds which do not have authorized certification  "Seed Police" can punish to the holder of seeds.  
During the campaign leaflet destribution and a district meeting in each district pass by awareness caravan will conduct. National Fisheries Solidarity leading the southern road while Movement for Land and Agricultural Reform (MONLAR) leading the Northern road.

 Mathara District Seminar
  Mathara District Seminar
 Mathara District Seminar

$> Stop Land Grabbing
$> Right to seed for farmers
$> Protect free access to water
$> Strength right to seed for farmers.
$> Activate VG- SSF in Sri Lanka adopted by FAO in 2014 for the sustainability and protection of Small Scale Fisheries
$> Do not grab the right to raw material for productions from Women and small scale producers.