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Aggitation against the inefficiency of the Government towards the relief activities of Tsunami

Today the 24th, February,2005 is a very special day for the members of the National Fisheries of Solidarity (NAFSO). We organized a vary big protest against the governmental practices in the relief activity in the country. The partner organizations of NAFSO from the island wide organized this campaign in the district basis. According to the information that we received from the respective organizations, the protest was very successful and some of the organizations were able to achieve their demands.

Our main demands
1. Prepare an effective & efficient relief and rehabilitation plan for the Tsunami victims in the country.
2. Protect customary rights of the fisher people and the coastal communities without imposing regulations for 100- 200 meters band in the coastal zone.
3. The militarization of the rehabilitation work should be stopped and hand over to the civil administration.
4. Foreign aid should be given to the Tsunami victims and should not be used for the infrastructure plans