Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022

National Convener Flies Netherland

National Convener of NAFSO and the General Secretary of World Forum of Fisher People [WFFP] Mr. Herman kumara flies to Netherland on the 7th of July with another 3 partner organization members from India, Indonesia, and Thailand, They will visit Netherland as a team from Asian Tsunami affected countries. He hopes to present all the tsunami activities of NAFSO and how our government involved build up the lives of the victims in Sri Lanka. For awareness of all the people in Netherland . As well as he will explain how NAFSO and it’s partner organizations are working for affected people with large fishing communities in every affected district in Sri Lanka as a creative and the active NGO in Sri Lanka. The team will have 11 days to visit the Netherland’s fishing villages and meet there government’s ministers to discuss how the governments of affected countries working process. In addition to that they will meet other NGOS every matters they have. Mainly the partner organizations will be involved to share theirs ideas with this special team. Other special point is Europe union will be informed the tsunami development of these countries as well as the activities of the tyrannical rulers in Sri Lanka. Mr. Herman Kumara the national convener of the NAFSO completed a nice presentation at the Amsterdam University on post tsunami development and its implication. He will back on 18th of July.