Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022

Peoples’ Caravan at Karuwalagaswewa

The 4th day of peoples’ Caravan had been at Karuwalagaswewa and they have visited mainly 3 villages, such as Thabbowa, Saliyawewa & Buddiyadiyawara village. This day had been so successful for the street drama group because there were a good number of people to see their drama presentations. The street drama presentation at Thbbowa school had been so interesting. They were able to educate the children as well as the teachers on many issues. The principle, teachers and the children had appreciated the presentations very highly and the children learnt many things out of them.
Also they went to Saliyawewa and Buddiyadiyawara villages and conducted very successful sessions for them. Our group was able to distribute posters, handouts and stickers as many as possible while educating people.
For the seminar there had not been a good crowd but it did not discourage for the rest of activities. The speeches were very effective and the responses from the people were very positive. Tomorrow the group will be going to Kurunagala.