Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022

Caravan at Polonnaru

Today the Caravan group went to Polonnaru to educate the peasant community in the country. FMM JP & Community took the main responsibility in organizing this caravan. The inland fishing community at Polonnaru gave us a good support and had already in formed people regarding the caravan program.
First of all the street drama group conducted their sessions at Aruganwila Bus Stand, Public Fair at Polonnaru and in front of Kaduruwela Bus Stand. We are very happy to mention that we were able collect more than 150 people for the street dramas. The people gathered there seem to be very intelligent because they had raised various types of questions regarding our objectives of the caravan. There were open conversations with the people and the caravan group responded to them very effectively by educating them on the issues which the people are not aware still.
The main seminar held at D.S office with 35-40 people. Mr. Lenus Jayatilaka, a member of Monlar, spoke on WTO, Mr. Nalaka, the Policy Coordinator of NAFSO spoke on the Fisheries Policy and Miss. Iresha, an animator at SFO- Galle spoke on Fisheries Movement. The Caravan left Polonnaru after finishing a successful day.