Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

The Caravan Meets the Tsunami Affected Muslim Community

By slowly the caravan enters to the tsunami affected areas in the country. Today they were at Kalmunei, the Eastern part of the country. It good to remember the East is the most affected province in Sri Lanka and so many deaths recorded in there itself.
While conducting the street dramas at Kalmunei town, Akkareipattu & Nindhaur the affected people raised many questions. The Caravan group answered for their questions and all were invited for the evening seminar held at Zukara School. As usual the speeches were given and after all the opportunities were given for the people to raise their questions. People raised the following questions and presented their opinions :

1. It is good to talk about a Sustainable Fisheries Policy on behalf of the poor fisher community
2. National Fisheries Solidarity made a Sustainable Fisheries Policy in 1998 but still unable to find solutions….. so what is the progress??????
3. After tsunami many NGOs have established throughout the country and it is very difficult to identify which one has a long vision & mission ??????
4. We should make alternatives for WTO even though the agreements are signed
5. We should organize a hunger strike in front of the Sri Lankan Parliament to win over the rights of the people

Tomorrow the Caravan group will to Pothuwill in where the District Fisheries Solidarity takes the leadership in organizing Caravan sessions.