Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Campaign for distructive fishing practices

NAFSO partner organization Galle Southern Fisheries Organization had organized this campaign against the destructing fishing gears which are used to destroy our fishing resources in the sea. Since 10 years ago we are fighting with people who are fishing for live to prevent this miserable era of the districting fishing gears to the rulers in the past as well as in the present as a social justice and for the sake of the small scale fisher people in the fishing areas throughout the country including Trincomallee. Especially we are educating fisherman regarding the harmful condition of these type of strategies use to kill fish in the sea. There were more than 1500 campaigners with fishermen, women and the children from various district in the country representing labours, farmers and other none governmental organizations. Protestors were marching from Gintota to capital city of Galle passing many kilometers with many difficulties. Finally the petition was handed over to DFO (District fisheries Officer). If they didn’t get any action for that to prevent these illegal strategies we will be going another big campaign than this. The National convener of NFSO Mr. Herman Kumara also participated to the protest and he was addressing the meeting held in front of the district fisheries office in Galle. As a result of t of this protest the DFO promised to get immediate action to prevent this situation.