Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Building the Youth committee in Kurunegala

NAFSO kurunegala partner organization KURUNAGLA PRAJA VIMUKTHI ORGANIZATION had organized a youth leadership program coinciding with building the district youth committee with the objectives of building the skills of the youths, giving leadership training, educated regarding the social conflicts in the present situation in addition to that our national facilitatorshelped them how to analyze a problem in depth. National Convener Mrs. Hermani Kumari , Administrative secretary Mr. Shantha, PIADS coordinator Mr. Priyankara Kostha also participated on the occasion. especially very valuble culturel night was held on the occasion. the end of the program they had arrenged a replanting work with all the participants in the area. There were about 70 youth including girls and boys from various regions. Apart from that some of the school teachers gave their participation to success this program in these two days at Kurunegala Madagalla School. All the participants involved this very actively until end of the program. Especially NAFSO have been conducting these type of programs as a youth exchange program all over the country including north and east under the direction of the Youth & Environmental coordinator Mr. Luksiri Fernando and. We would like to invite all the young people around the world please join in hands with us for building a international Youth movement with good habits and attitudes to fight against the Globalization & for sustainable youth society for the social change