Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Let us eradicate racialism through youth fellowship

According to the Youth Movement for Social and Environmental Change, the district youth committee was built in Trincomalee district participate in more than 70 youths including girls and boys representing from various villages in the District.
Improving their social understanding is our main objective and we hope to make camaranderie among youth, who represent various kinds of people (Tamil, Muslim, and Singhalese). In addition to that another main objective is to take their contribution for a better social development process through a better vision and a mission.
When they expressed their views on the youth programme some participated girls were presenting their own ideas as follows.

“ We didn’t have an opportunity to work together with Sinhala and Tamil communities as well we were in a difficult position to share our feeling, experience, and amity with others because we had been divided in to many parts by the war and racialism in the society as various communities. But NAFSO paved the way for us to work together with all the people as a human chain through these types of programms”
Farvin (A muslim girl) further expressed “We hope to take an optimum benefit from this programme to swept out the racialism from our society”

“This is a gold chance for us to live all as human being and I am requesting from all our youths to join with us to defeat this racialism and let us eradicate racialism through a youth fellowship” Tharaka the president of DYC Trincomallee.

“We would like to join in hands to defeat this war as well as to protect our environment also as a strong youth movement in the country” Sadika Mihirani finally added as her comment on the programme.
National convener of NAFSO Herman Kumara, and the youth coordinator Luksiri Fernado attended this programme from National Secretariat Office from NAFSO