Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Fisher women cleaned the lagoon.

Sri Vimukthi Fisher Women Organization together with Youth Movement for Environmental and Social Change (YMESOC) organized a programmme to clean the Negombo lagoon, in which more than 3000 of lagoon fishers are depend on it for saving their lives.

There were around 100 of fisher women and youths from various districts participated in this seasonable and practical activity for helping lagoon fishers and participants could absorb some important educational information from this programme.

Having informed to public 3 animators from Red Cross society in Negombo gave their participation on this.

“No body was there to get the responsibility to clean this lagoon and we were in a difficult position to fish in the lagoon because all kinds of garbage, that people throw away collect to this. Therefore this is very important work” Markes a lagoon fishermen.

“When such garbage collects to the lagoon we are being faced for a big threat of filling this lagoon and we would like to appreciate this work done by NAFSO and SVFO” Ms. Nirmala a fisher woman.

With the help of all these fishers and youth group they had clean very biggest area of the lagoon.