Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

NAFSO Represented Terra Preta in Rome

International representatives of small farmers, fisherfolks, indigenous peoples, pastroralists and Non Govenmental Organizationas (NGO) have expressed their disapointment with the poor out come of the High Level Conference on World Food Security in Rome. " the final decleration will not fill any plate.
the recomendations for more liberalisation would lead to more violations of the right to food",
The National Covener of National Fisheries Solidarrity Movement (NAFSO) and the Secretary General of World Forum of Fisher Peoples'(WFFP) Mr. Herman Kumara expalined us any further to regarding the critiscism of Maryam Rahmanian gave at the Terra Preta forum from the Iranian organization CENESTA.
During the official conference , the social movements held their own Forum "Terra Preta" to voice thier demans to realize food sovereignity and the right to food of the millions of hungry people.

Finally all they have released press releases for taking all the government together for fighting against this and have a global pact on this.

Statement by WFFP
Statement by Via campasina
Statement by: Indigenous Environmental Network (Mohwk Nation)