Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

A Leadreship Training Programme for North East Women

A two day leadership program conducted by NAFSO among women leaders from the villages of Ampara and Trincomalee districts.
Around 82 women leaders attended the WS and participated for the program. The first day was dedicated to the subject of Women and Violence which was conducted by Vasukie.... of AASL.
The main objective of the program was to strengthen the people's base with the ideological concept on collective efforts of the women leaders through preparation of Women Development Charter. The basic information was gathered from the regional WS conducted at Trinco and Kalmunai last month which emerged number of issues related to the security, livelihoods- fisheries and agriculture in particular, infra structure, tsunami, environment, Health and education.
The most importantly, women group identified the issues confine to women in those programs. They wanted to prepare a common position on those issues as they felt the common effort would be the only way to come up in their lives.

The women came up with the Women Development Charter, and determined to work on 3 major issues.
* Women Specific Issues-
* Tsunami Related issues
* Fisher People's issue of restrictions for fishing
The group decided to conduct district level campaign as well as inter district level campaigns on Women's Issues.
The major worl will be polishing up the Womens Development Charter and submit the same to the policy makers on Women's Day, 2009. By 10 February, there will be district level WS to conduct a preparatory program towards the women's day work.

The next concrete action planned is High Light the Issues of Tsunami affected people by 26 December, displaying banners, distributing the leaflets and will continue the campaign till the tsunami affected people receive proper houses for resettle.

For the fisher people's issues related to restrictions on fishing, there will be a signature campaign among small scale fisher people in Trincomalee.
The program has planned to collect 1000 signatures minimum and upto 5000 as the highest.
So, the women leaders came forward to take part the event and prepare the statement, collect the signatures etc.

The future progress of this programme will be published soon.