Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

The Committee Meeting on Fisheries (COFI)

The 28th session of the COFI meeting takes place in FAO at Rome from 2 to 6 March.

The Committee on Fisheries (COFI), a subsidiary body of the FAO Council, was established by the FAO Conference at its Thirteenth Session in 1965. The Committee presently constitutes the only global inter-governmental forum where major international fisheries and aquaculture problems and issues are examined and recommendations addressed to governments, regional fishery bodies, NGOs, fishworkers, FAO and international community, periodically on a world-wide basis. COFI has also been used as a forum in which global agreements and non-binding instruments were negotiated.

Specially there are 24 delegation attend from World Forum of Fisher People’s (WFFP) while 120 member countries attended the COFI meeting.
WFFP playing a major role at the civil society as they represent the mass based fisher peoples organizations. We are from 20 countries all over the world and representing the voice of the fisher communities.

There will be side event of WFFP, ICSf. IPC collectively organizing.
Thomas Kocherry, Herman Kumara, Arhtur Bull, Natlia Laino and Chandrika Sharma with one from FAO and one from Geneva Human rights groups will be attending the sessions.
The meeting will be moderated by Naseegh Jaffer of WFFP.

The main message that WFFP carry is that the Bangkok civil society statement with their interventions at the main plenary. WFFPwill go beyond COFI even to make sure to implement the recommendation came out from the Bangkok statement.

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