Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

A foot Long March of Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum for Restoration of Indus River & Natural Resources Tenure

Long march started from Kharochan, peak point of Indus Delta. Hundreds of male & female marches carrying play cards, banners and PFF flags and chanting slogans for the restoration of Indus River and rehabilitation of Indus Delta. Marchers March 12 days from 02 March 2010 to 14th March 2010, total 300 KM walked.
During the march, participants also sung the revolutionary songs, which showed jubilant mood among the participants.
When ever long marchers reached at different cities hundreds of citizens, members of civil society organizations, leaders of nationalists political parties including a big number of women also warmly welcomed to the marchers with big hands and presented flowers to march leaders
At the occasion long march was turned into a big public gatherings also. on the occasion Mr Mohammad Ali Shah, chairman PFF addressed the gathering, he said” that all the elected members of Provincial and National Assembly are responsible and accountable against their million of voters in Sindh, they are failed to save the natural resources and waters of delta. This is a great violence of human rights charter that water of Indus River is not been let to come in the stream. That had made lives impossible of the millions of families in delta. Many of the species of fishes are now strange and millions of agricultural land is now barred. He demanded that members of provincial assembly and national assembly from Thatta will organize hunger strike in Islamabad for the water of Sindh and entire nation will support them. He demanded that without decommissioning of the dams Indus River will not restore. He said that PFF struggle will continue till the government will not restore the Indus river and immediate rehabilitation of Indus Delta. The participants of march was assisted with water and biscuits by citizens and other political parties, including Awami Tahreek, PPP Shaheed Bhutto group,Sindh Qaumi and others.

Shafi Mandhrio
Dupty GS. PFF Pakistan