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Two Sisters meet each other after 30 years

Due to the war situation in the Marimuthu Lecheemy ,66 was living as a refugee in an elders home, at Wankalai taken care by Catholic Nuns. When a NAFSO team visited this home recently they met her, and she informed them that she has a sister who is residing in Nuwaraeliya , a city in the central part of Sri Lanka.

The team once they returned immediately contacted one of our Partner organizations in Nuwra eliya. Lecheemi’s Sister was Marimuththu Aiyamma and she was 55.Our partner FOLICEB was able to locate her after making a series of inquiries from the area.

Finally NAFSO decided to bring Lecheemy to Nuwara eliya in order meet her sister and on 06th of , February 2010 the two sisters met each other after a period of 30 years. It was an emotional event. The ending took a much happier tone as Aiyamma and her family decided to welcome Lecheemy into their home ending her status as a refugee.

Even though the ending of Lecheemy’s story had an happy ending there are thousands of Children, Women and men living as displaced refugees in the North and eastern parts of Sri Lanka.