Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

We Don’t allow politicians to divide our movement…

National Fisheries Solidarity Movement (NAFSO) is small scale fishermen & all working class people based organization which line up all communities for their rights. We are having at least 5000 strong membership through out 12 districts including eastern province and it consists of fishermen, farmers, women, youth, as well as labors.

NAFSO is a peoples’ movement involve in various Economical, political, social, environmental issues and anytime we appear for the strained communities in grass roots level as a movement.
Therefore various political parties try to gain political benefits dividing this movement and breaking the district leadership to fulfill their political desires because NAFSO is a one of the biggest people’s movement that urges all political parties against these tyrannical rulings and get them in to the real track.

The policy & lobbying team of NAFSO has realized this political conspiracies well and traveling to all districts to meet there members, community leaders and district coordinators make them to realized about this political conspiracies.

At the first step of this process in which members are reformed and aware, NAFSO policy team met Negombo Sri Vimukthi Fisher Women organization and its members, regional leaders from 23 to 25 March 2010. Puttalam district public meeting was conducted in 23 to 25 last February. And Ampara districts public meeting was carried out from 20 – 23 April 2010 according to the National event calendar of NAFSO. They had identified specific, different issues each other after meeting Tamil, Muslim, as well as singhala communities in Ampara district according to the visited areas Pothuwil, Panama, Akkaraipaththu, Kalmunai, Oluwil, Ninthavur, Palamunai, and Komari.

“We identified various issues different in each other. People were divided in politically, socially, economically, religiously, and they have lost their’s way. Therefore we need to pave the way for them to find the right way. That was our main objective of doing such district traveling as well supervision in district wise. Not only that but also explaining the Vision and the Mission of NAFSO for new members and we wanted them to join with us to build this movement in the right direction is another idea of this work. In addition to that, We don’t let politicians divide this movement” Nalaka Rosairo, National coordinator of Policy and Lobbying finally expressed to www.nafsoonline.blogspot.com web.

By : Shamith Roshan