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Sri Lankan, TN fishermen talks successfully over

Fishermen from both countries agreed for 11 points signing to a memorandum of understanding between two fisher organizations over the cross boarder fishing issue in 22nd August 2010 in Chennai India. The director General of Sri Lankan fisheries and Aquatic Resources Mr. S.W. Pathirana, had promised attending the workshop in Chennai on behalf of the GOSL to convey the message to the government of Sri Lanka for a practical solution.

Cross boarder fishing issue currently has become a major threat to the Sri Lankan fisheries industry, specially north eastern small scale fishermen experiencing it’s bad impact for a long time before the dead and blind officials and authorities in the country as they are still failed to solve this matter in both side from India and Sri Lanka.

Use of trawler vessels and duel- filament by fishermen in Tamil Nadu, not only destroy fish resources but also damage fishing nets of Sri Lankan fishermen in the sea. As a result of that, Sri Lankan fishermen are in a difficult position to continue their fishing and livelihoods.

National Fisheries Solidarity Movement (NAFSO) interfere in this problem organizing North, east fishermen to set up a dialogue between Tamil Nadu and Sri Lankan fishermen to create a understanding among them after deep analyze of the issue.

According to that, 21 member delegation of fisherfolk representing north east fishermen societies visited Tamil Nadu meeting there fishermen with their grievances.

They met fishermen Nagapattinam, Jagathapattanam, Rameshwaram, Welankanni, Puthukottai, Mallipattinam, Ramanathpuram, Pamban, and Thangachchimadam areas.

The last three - day meeting had initiated between Tamil Nadu and Sri Lankan fishermen to discuss deeply about the cross boarder fishing issue and attack on fishermen and suggest practical solution that could lead the co-existence in both side fishermen.

The team led Suriyakumar Kanthavanam , president of the Sri Lankan Fishermen association of Northern province expressed that, Fishing gear used by the fishermen from Tamil Nadu in the Palk bay depleted the resources and affected the livelihood of fishermen in the North Eastern provinces of the island nation.

Vivekanandan, advisor to the South Indian Federation of Fisher men Societies, (SIFFS), added explaining details about the meeting and said that the three-day event would be a serious exercise in understanding each other’s problems and to propose a number of measures of cooperation that could contribute to the lessening of the current problems associated with trans-border fishing.

Two officials from the Sri Lankan fisheries and Aquatic resources and Director General of Indian fisheries Department also participated this progarmme. And finally both fishermen agreed to a 11 points signing to a agreement between fishermen for resolving the issue.

But the key responsibility of this issue belongs to both Indian and Sri Lankan government to make a practical solution for solving this problem protecting all fishermen’s lives and livelihoods.

The National Solidarity Movement (NAFSO), The Alliance for release of innocent fishermen, jointly organized this program.

The (ARIF), a wing of SIFFS organized the visit of the team of 24 Sri Lankan members which consisted of fishermen, fisheries department officials and media representatives, as well as NGO representatives including The General Secretary of World Forum of Fisher People , Herman Kumara, National peace coordinator of NAFSO, Anthoney Jesudasan.