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Documenting Human Rights Violations against Rural, Indigenous and Migrant Women

Asia Pacific Forum on Women Law and Development (APWLD) organized training program on “ Documenting Human Rights Violations against Rural, Indigenous and Migrant Women” successfully ended 28th September 2010. National Fisheries Solidarity Movement (NAFSO), Task force member of APWLD hosted this program conducted three days at NAFSO’ s Training Center in Negombo. This program helped to build the skills, knowledge and capacity of women who are Asia living in rural, indigenous or migrant communities to identify and document human rights violations. It focused on structural causes of violations and included economic, social and cultural rights in addition to civil and political rights. According to Steering committee member of APWD Mrs. Geetha Lakmini Fernando, APWLD will work with them to synthesise their research, take the material to national, regional and international audiences and advocate for change.

The training program covered key learnings of Principles, value and role of documenting human rights in women’s movement in the Asia-Pacific region as well as
 Human rights framework and feminist approach
 Developing documentation skills
 Documentation tools
 Strategic planning for action

Three women who are actively working with Sri Wimukthi Fisher Women’s organization had been selected for this training and this was a great opportunity for them to develop their skills as women leaders in the region. 30 participants actively attended this program.