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Active women’s Leader of NAFSO in politics,

A. A. Jayawathi, coordinator of Karuwalagaswewa Paraja Shakthi Development Foundation founded in 1999 in Puttalam District has been working for a long time with NAFSO involves in active politics 2011 local government election from a independent political party.

She is a one of an active women worked NAFSO implementing various development activities in the region with the help of NAFSO as well as specially was a key character got trained in various women’s leadership trainings on good governance, women politics, alternative Economic Development strategies for women etc..

Jayawathi with her independent party members in a press briefing said, that the local government body is a very familiar institute for the general public and that’s why women need to be there in politics and we believe that the good governance too can be established.

“As women’s representation in politics is lacked, we must enthuse women to enter in active politics because we need to provide our representation for making decision on women in the country as well establishing good governance. We are having 13 women candidates in our independent party to compete this local government election to face any challenge. ” Jayawathi further added.

They have selected “DEER” for the logo of the political party and a drafted basic principles of the independent political party handed over to the branch secretary of United People's Freedom Alliance (ALFP) in Karuwalagaswewa yesterday before the media.

Sumika Perera, Coordinator of “Ibbagamuwa Women’s Resource Center” , representatives of NAFSO were also present in the occasion.

The list of Women’s Candidates:

M. B. Kamalawathi
Y. N. Chnadrani Malkanthi
W. A. Indralatha Weerasingha
Ranjani Rodirigu Jayawikrama
D. P. N. Thilakawathi
W.A.S. Dissnayake
W. P. W. Kusumawathi
A. A. Jayawathi
A. M. Thakshila Maduwanthi
A. Jasintha Kumari
W. P. Srimathi Wathsala
P. G. Mallika
D. P. W. Nilmini Sandamali

By: Shamith Roshan