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Basic Awareness Program on Participatory Budget Monitoring - Mannar

Basic awareness program in Mannar district on participatory budget monitoring was held in the cultural center in Mannar on 13th of May 2011. Around 20 participants including 4 women representing five villages (Kokupudayan, Arippu, Chalavathuraj, Saviraj puram and Potkeni) were participated.they engaged the program very actively shearing their experiences

Government officers some time have discussed with the community leaders about some planed projects before implementing in the village and community leaders have been singed to forms which were made in English medium over the agreement according to the discussion between community leaders and officers.

Community leaders have given approval on behalf of people without enough study because of the form made in English medium. after implementing the project, people found many irregularities in the project but people were unable to do anything against the projects or responsible persons of the project.

People have inquired on irregularities from the Divisional Secretary but he did not provided any Acceptable answer, and people have been directed to the constructor who got the contract, but the contractors are outsiders even from the district. some projects have been implemented without any conversation with the community. People are unable to intervene against irregularities or unnecessary projects for village because there is no any systematic structure.

District development committee or regional development committee does not function. Participants commented and presented their experiences about this issue openly. People agreed to intervene for participatory budget monitoring program. And they are willing to intervene as a citizen group for insuring high development minimizing irregularities in the area.

Finally, they requested to conduct this program in village level and they mentioned that the knowledge they got in the program will share with others.

We are planning to aware the village people on Participatory Budget monitoring.