Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022

Improving the Knowledge on Basic Health of family in conflict affected villages.

A program was conducted by team of resource persons headed by women program coordinator Mrs. Lavina Perera, from National Fisheries Solidarity Movement in Madukare village in Mannar District.

There were about 35 participants including 12 widows, they were pointed out some health issues face by the villages.

  • So far 7 HIV infected persons have identified by the authorities
  • Several women are having some sexual and reproductive health issues due to keep company with men came external areas from the village.
  • There are information on several women, work as professional prostitutes in the village and using of underage girls as sex workers is a new trend in the area.
  • Due to lack of family planning and sexual and reproductive health knowledge, have increased the number of children in the family.
  • Due to economic difficulties no balanced food ration for villages hence malnutrition is common in the area in children population as well as adults.
  • Less knowledge on family health has leads to various health issues in children.

During the session, people raises their personal issues and discussed commonly. They are expected to have a session on legal matters influencing women protection, in the future.

The program is supposed to conduct in several villages in 4 other districts in North and East in the future.

Mr.Anthony Jesudasan and Mr. Priyankara Costa also participated as resource persons to the program.