Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

North South Fishermen Must get together to Stop Force full Entrance of Indian Fishermen to our EEZ.

Convener of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement, invites, fisheries community to make North south Unity to stop force full entrance of Indian Fishers to our EEZ.
He mentioned this during a meeting, convened by National Fisheries Solidarity Movement in, Marudanamadam Agriculture School to commemorate International Human Right day on the theme of “Freedom to Nation and Resettlement to the internally Displaced People” Held in 10th December 2011.
And he added, Issues of fishers must be resolved, Issues of IDPs of war must be resolved and they should provide at least one acre of land area for agriculture and some money should provide to start their lives. If Government can provide 100,000LKRs for third child of security personas, families, why they cannot do this for people? IDP issues must be resolved and resettled soon in their own lands.
People from North and representatives of peoples organizations were participated to the program.
NAFSOs’ Jaffna district organization coordinator, Mr. Impanayagam made the welcome speech Dr.Kumar Wadivale, clarify the situation of North East human rights. Director of Women Development Org. Mrs. Saroja Sivachandran speaks on war affected women in NE.
A Cultural program was conducted after the meeting.
North East overall coordinator, Mr. A.Jesudasan, Women and gender program coordinator Mrs. Lavina Hasanthi and several representatives from NAFSO were also participated to the program.