Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022

Let’s force the government to reduce the fuel price and treat fair for fishers and general public.


A mass protests have started by private bus service and fisheries sector people due to sudden increase of fuel price by unbearable amount for them. They conducted their livelihood activities with grate difficulties even with the existed fuel price. Fishers conducted the fishing operation not because of they were able but nothing to do with. Several time Private bus owner associations strives to increase the fare, but not took any strong action.

Sri Lanka has already become the wonder of the world by increasing the fuel price per liter by 35LKR for kerosene, 31LKR for diesel and 12LKR for petrol. It is the highest fuel price hike for history of fuel use in the country. It will not be able to bear any more to fishers or other sectors that use fuel. Evidence is coming out from the coastal belt from the fishers and private bus runners. Public transportation has been sucked and country is uneasy situation. It is fair to say that education of children also broken-down.

About 70 to 80 liters of kerosene are needed for one day operation for boat fixed with outboard engine. When increased the kerosene price by 35LKR it increase the fuel cost by 2450LKR for one day if the fill the tank with 70L of fuel. Fisher will have to spend about 9450LKR for one day operation with 980LKR for lubricants and 447LKR 3L of petrol for the engine requirements.
For Multiday boat which will spent 25days in the sea required about 5000L of diesel, with the increase of 31LKR for liter of diesel, total cost increased by 155,000LKR for a trip. Fish consumers will have to spent unbearable price for the 1Kg of fish when added cost of ice and land transportation.

Fishers are not excepting the government statement on fuel price hike, which saying that due to increase in barrel of crude oil price has increased and also they not willing to except subsidiary for the fuel instead they ask fuel at least for existed price.

For the sake of all depressed community, National Fisheries Solidarity Movement with the steering committee got together on 13th February, asking from the government lowers the tax on fuel Instead of fake blaming of global fuel price hike and stop illusive exhibitions which are targeting misguide the citizens minds. Instead establish good governance with minimizing corruption of the government sector.

Thank You,

Herman Kumara
National Convener,
National Fisheries Solidarity Movement.