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Fisheries Minister Mutate the words. No Connection of Church to the Stating of Names of HK and Aruna.

Discussion carried out with rev. fathers of Catholic church in Negombo area, including, Rev.Fr. Julian Thisera, Fr. Lester Nonis, Fr. Patric Perera, Fr. Sriyanada, to clarify the churchs' connection with the Fisheries ministers statement and on issue of  life threats to social activists.
By a Parliamentary statement of Fisheries minister, Dr. Rajitha Senarathne, have mentioned the names of Mr.Herman Kumara and Aruna Roshan. as the "culprits" behind fuel protest held on 13th Feb. 

According to Fisheries Minister, Fr. Lester Nonis and Archbishop of Sri Lanka, Malcam Ranjith, have  confirmed the connection of protest and mentioned social activists.
According to the rev. fathers who participated to the discussion, Fisheries Minister have misguide the people by altering rev. fathers words as always doing by politicians. Fr. Lester Nonis or Archbishop have never used the Names of Mr.Herman or Aruna, in any occasion according to them.      

After one our discussion, Rev. members of the church agreed to make a statement and publish it in church's monthly news letter, "Gnanarthaya Pradeepaya"  on next issue. 

Discussion was held in Dalupotha Church, on 15th March evening, with participation of social activists from several organizations, Fisher community members and family members of the victims.