Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022

Victimised Family members and Organizations meet Area Head of Chirch

Family members of the Mr. Herman Kumara and Aruna Roshan, who were accused by Fisheries minister and received life threats, some members from related organizations and fishing community have met Rev. Fr. Patric Fewrnando the regional leader of the Church on 10th March. The meeting was conducted to discuss on the matters that came out from the Parliament Hansard.

According to the parliamentary proclamation made by Fisheries minister, Dr. Rajitha senarathne, while answering question made by UNP Parliament member of Puthlam District, Mr. Range Bandara.  FM, Dr. Rajitha, has found and also confirmed the connection of Mr. Herman Kumara and Mr. Aruna Roshan to the fuel protest of fishers by the archbishop of Sri Lanka and the rev.fr.Lester Nonis, the coordinating rev.father of Fisheries in the Negombo Chillaw areas.

Participants asked to the rev. Father, Patric Fernando to get clarified from the archbishop and Fr. Lester Nonis whether they said that to the Fisheries minister, If so, how do they confirm the relationship between victims and the fuel protest.
Rev. Father convinced, that the Archbishop never said that but he do not know about the Fr. Nonis relations, and promised to coordinate a meeting with Fr. Nonis in the near future while arranging a meeting with Rev.Fr.Julian,vicar General of Colombo north evening of the day itself(10th Feb). Fr. Julian also promise to convey the massage and make some arrangment to meet Fr. Lester Nonis.
 About 12 persons were participated to the program.