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Way of the Police inquiring on life threats.

A Complaint on life threat from unidentified persons to Mr. Herman Kumara was placed on 24th Feb 2012 in the Pannala Police,(residence police area)by his wife since there was no action from the local police, a complaint was made to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) on 28th Feb.

 After about week, local police station have informed to Mr. Herman s' wife to appear in Puthlam Police station on 13th March, (where it is More than 100Km away from the residence) to inquire the complain made to the IGP. since the residing area not belongs to the Puthlam police division, she has questioned the local police, why we are invited to Puthlam? "It is according to DIG s' call" was the police officers' answer.

 About 10.00 A.M. today(13th March) five persons including Mr.Herman's wife was appeared in puthlam police station,and Deputy Inspector General of Puthlam district have welcomed them and only after he has identified that this case is not belongs to his police division, at the time, at the time, copy of the complaint made to the IGP was his hand, but it seems that no body have studied the background of the issue and victims.

 Is this the way of work as a responsible institution for peace and security of people and the country?
 the examine of the complaint must be done by the Kurunegala police division, due to this messy situation, it will take more days to examine by Kurunegala police division as the procedures are not time friendly. Time is Money for most of the people in the world, but to us, time is LIFE.