Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022

Strengthening of Northern Province Fisher Peoples' Alliance

 Strategically impotent discussion on strengthen the Alliance of Northern Province Fisher Peoples' were conducted on 31st of May at the office of the Alliance in Jaffna with the objectives of identify the barriers to Strengthen of Northern Province fishers alliance and decide how to overcome the identified barriers in the future and to Identify the new strategies to use in cross border fishing issue of India and Sri Lanka.
Cross border fisheries issue in North waters in Sri Lanka was the prime issue that brought forward by the ANPFP.

Following Matters were Discussed in the meeting
01.   Strengthen the ANPFP.
·         Make arrangements to enlist district representatives from other district in North.
·         Conduct and Strengthen the Congress (General Body) and Steering committee.
·         Formation of Constitution.                                                                                
·         Meet the fishers in Mulathive and  invite them to join with.

02.   Joining with the religious leaders and academics conduct Common discussion and workshop on Cross border Trawling issue and livelihood issues of Fishers.
03.   How can Coordinator of NAFSO and field officers to help the process.   
 Alliance will strengthen with members from other district in Northern province (Mannar, Kilinochchi,and         Mulathive), advisory board and constitution will be formed.  
01.   S.Thawarathnam              - Chair Person, Alliance of Northern Province Fisher People.(ANPFP)
02.   K.Sooriya Kumar             - Member of ANPFP
03.   S.Sivagnanaraja                -Member of ANPFP
04.   S.Rajachandran                -Member of ANPFP
05.   Dr. Susei Anandan           -University, Jaffna
06.   Rev. Jeyakumar                - Kytes Church
07.   Herman Kumara               - National Fisheries Solidarity (NAFSO)
08.   A.Jesudasan                      -NAFSO
09.   F.Raajan                            -NAFSO
10.   Nalaka                               -NAFSO

11.   N.Impam                            -Jaffna Coordinator of NAFSO.