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Thousands in to roads against increased electricity bill

Thousands of protesters walked in Colombo against increased electricity bill by the government few weeks ago.  The protest was organized by joint opposition party together with workers union collaboration.
Government has increased pressure on Pressurized people with high living cost by increasing electricity bill. Government is expecting to earn 214 billion LKR by increased electricity bill. 
Price per unit of use has increased with effect from May 2013. Who uses above 60 units per month has to pay as follows.  

Old Price per unit (RS)
New Price per unit (RS)
0 to 30
31 to 60
(When use more then 60) 0 to 60.9
61 to 90
91 to 120
121 to 180

People criticizing the government that ministers living a luxury life and spending only 2000LKR per month as electricity bill but about 27 million domestic users who users minimum facilities will have to pay much more than that and go in to debt as monthly salary not enough to live after paying electricity and water bill which is about to increase due to increase of electricity bill.
Fuel price and electricity price are regulatory factors of other consumer goods.
Knowing that there will be a huge protest against government, government  also staged a dramatic protest with public sector workers and supporters of the government in front of fort railway station, Colombo, where the destination of the several kilometers long walking protest against the government.
As government is preparing for celebrate war victory in coming week, they are trying to show the rising voice against the government is voice against the nation and war victory. but the people who suffer from increased living cost are in the war against hunger and death.