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Government says on resettlement in Muthur


At a well-attended function held on July 20, 2013 at the Kunathivu Village in the Muthur Divisional Secretariat Division of Trincomalee District, Hon. M.H. Gunarathna Weerakoon, Minister of Resettlement distributed resettlement assistance to 89 families.
The Hon. Minister distributed Tin sheets and Cement valued at Rs. 2.23 Million among these families whose resettlement took place consequent upon the release of their village for resettlement. This village was previously earmarked for the proposed Heavy Industry Zone in Sampur, Trincomalee. 

Addressing the villagers who were present, Hon. Minister Weerakoon said that resettled people of Kunathivu are fortunate to receive resettlement assistance despite competing pressure for public funds. He requested them to make use of such assistance and make a determined effort to rebuild their lives. He also said that action will be taken by the Resettlement Ministry to provide assistance to construct Toilets and other basic facilities.

Minister Weerakoon also handed over certificates of entitlement of toilet facilities to 137 resettled families in the nearby Nawaratnapuram village who were resettled earlier this year. The cost of a toilet constructed on owner driven basis was Rs. 60,000/-.

As in the case of Kunathivu village, the Nawaratnapuram village also previously earmarked to be included in the proposed Heavy Industry Zone in Sampoor, but later released for resettlement.

Mr. Janaka Sugathadasa, Secretary, Ministry of Resettlement, Major General R. T. De Silva, District Secretary, Trincomalee, Mrs. W.G.M. Ariyawathi Galappaththi, Chairperson, Eastern Provincial Council, Mr. Dhammika Ekanayake, Director (Development)/MOR, Mr. N. Soreakumar, Chief Accountant/MOR, Mr. T. Pradeepan, Divisional Secretary, Muthur, and Mr. K. Nikarilkanth, Assistant Secretary/MOR also associated with the Minister.