Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022

World Workers Day Commemorated With Working class

National Fisheries Solidarity Commemorated 128th World Workers day under one banner with Worker Unions and network partners with the theme of "Stop Every Kind of Suppressing".
Fisher Community, Free trade zone workers, Women s right organizations were voiced out their demands including wages for the work, 8 hour work per day, job security, Stop of out sourcing, and stop land grabbing for tourism development and development activities which are not sustainable for the people and environment. 
The event was started with a road side demonstration in 18th post Katunayaka (Puthlam-Colombo road) and walked to Avariwaththa junction, (in front of Katunayaka police station). The demonstration was concluded with pay respect to the Roshan Chanaka, who was killed during a protest against government act on Employ Trust Fund in 2011 May 30th.  

 With about 500 people, Religious leaders, Center For Women, Sri Vimukthi Fisher Women Org, Southern Fisheries Organization, Dabindu Samuuhikaya, Janawaboda Center, Right To Life, Shramabimani, Platform For Freedom, Meepura News Network, Mothers and Daughters of Lanka and several other organizations were gathered under the name of Free Trade Zone Solidarity.