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Police brutality continues

A Statement from the Lawyers Collevtive, Sri Lanka forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)

‘Lawyers Collective’ condemns the killing of a suspect in police custody at Cinnamon Gardens while being taken handcuffed and the brutal attack on a girl at the Ratnapura Bus stand by a police officer in the view of the public.  These two incidents are a continuation of the trend in recent times of unarmed persons being subject to attacks by the police in violation of all norms and in violation of the fundamental rights of the citizens.
What is of grave concern is the impunity with which these blatant violations of the law is taking place without any intervention or atleast a condemnation from the government or the authorities concerned in the enforcement of law and order and the protection of human rights.  
These incidents are not isolated incidents, but has come to pass as daily events in our country.  We are faced with the serious question as to whether the Sri Lankan State is capable or not interested in the protection of the rights of the citizens of this country including the right to life.  The BASL has intervened in numerous occasions in defense of the victims of these attacks by the police and/or other forces.  
We are fast moving towards the establishment of the police state and we call upon civil society organizations to join the BASL and other organizations that are committed to fight against this trend and committed to prevent the establishment of a police state.