Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

"PRATHIBA" Showing Dancing Competition

The folk dancing competition that  organize to protect and promote the traditional dances which escape gradually from the Sri Lankan community as well as building up the welfare  fund of Sri Vimukthi Fisherwomen Organization in Negombo.

Objectives –
1.      Protecting and promoting the traditional folk dances which are escaping from the society by endowing to the future generations
2.      Building up a sensitive and cultured  filial generation
3.      Continuing  the traditional dances
4.      Developing  the skills of young generation
5.      Developing a  welfare fund of Sri Vimukthi Fisherwomen Organization
We would like invite to dancing groups of your Sunday school, school or children society participate to the dancing competition which is organized on above objectives at 3.30pm on 20th of December 2014 at the Port Playground in Negombo.

Conditions of the competition-
v  It should be a creative folk dance according to our industries or sectors  ( Ex- Fisheries, Farming, Labour, Mine)
v  Music should be supplied by yourself
v  The  dance should be limited within 5-7  minutes
v  Dancers should be limited within 10-14
v  Dancer’s age should be limited within 12-18 years
v  Only children who participate to the dance, 3 persons who take the  responsibility for the children, relevant singers and music suppliers are allowed to enter with free pass. Others are not allowed to enter without tickets. They must buy tickets by paying 100 rupees.
v  Discipline  of the participants is highly concerned
v  Contacts                                                                                                               

       Sri Vimukthi Office 0315673780,  Vincent Fernando 0779019484, Milina kumari  07283038,  k. Subashini 0721383334 

Other conditions-
·  Female and male are allowed to dance on the same dancing theme
·  Dances should be limited within 10-14( Maximum 14, Minimum 10)
·  Starting time , 03.30pm
·  Dancers should wear a suitable dress
·  Singers and music suppliers should be limited within 8
·  Participants of dances  should present their identity card or birth certificate  if necessary
·  Decision of the judgment board is the final decision
·  Competitors in the Negombo division are only permitted to participate to the competition.
·  Closing Date of Applying 2014/10/30
·  The Place Of Handin Over The Application Sri Vimukthi Office
(No - 115 St, Mary’s Road Negombo)

Prizes for the winners - 
First prize-                                                  25,000.00 Rupees
Second prize -                                            15,000.00 Rupees
Third prize-                                               10,000.00 Rupees

Note- A certificate is given every participant
The points to give marks on the judgment
1.      Creativity
2.      Relevant of the dance on the theme
3.      Time management
4.      Using instruments for the dance
5.      Background and make-up
6.      Playing, singing and music
7.      Skill

8.      Comply to the conditions

    Donations are highly welcome by the Sri Vimukthi Fisherwomen Organization for the success of the program