Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022

IDPs live in their own birth place

NAFSO meets group of displaced people in Erakkandi who's right to a land have been violated or/and disregarded by the authorities. 

These people live in a displaced camp in GS section number 04. Valeiuththu, Erakkandi. In East coast of Sri Lanka. 28 families live in "Singhala Iskole" camp. 
 They have left the village  in 1985 after killing of 16 villagers by the LTTE , including women and children who were collecting some plant materials for feed the families in near by Aanda wewa (aanda tank/Andan Kulam). After about 25 years of displacement,  they have returned to their village in 2009 after war ends. 
Some of these people have sold their lands for cheaper price and some have abandoned their lands  befor leaving for the safety of life. 
For 5 years as IDPs in a camp in their own birth place, they are fighting for land as government still have some reserve lands without any use of them.   
But the government authorities are hesitating to settle these people in a appropriate place. Since most of them earn their living through fishing and related activities, they required to be settle near to coast. 
Major part of coastal lands are targeted by hoteliers and government helping them to get establish with new business ventures. 
About 100 persons of 28 families are in imminent threat of being evacuated from the IDP camp without a place to settle down.