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Panama people discuss about the future move

After about two months panama victims of land grabbing have visited the district secretary of Ampara district and conducted a discussion based on the official letter revived from presidential secretariat. 
Secretary to the president has given a letter to release the land of ragamvila and shasthrawala as first phase of releasing the grabbed lands unlawful way. 
People asked to release the lands as requested by presidential secretariat by DS of Ampara district Mr. Wanigasooriya On 23rd September. 
After meeting with DS, some of villagers visited to police station to find out what are the new development in investigation of the set firing to their houses on 17th July 2010. 
Me. Rajan, coordinator of Praja Abhilashi network was also met the victimized Panama people prior to meet DS and conduct a discussion on situation of land issue and updates in legal activities caring out on grabbed lands.