Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022

We are Displaced in our own village

They have left their village two decades a go After LTTE killed around 16 of their relatives in last occasion and inform them to leave the village, they have left the village to a IDP camp in Tricomalee leaving their properties behind. According to them, Since around 100 people from the village have been shot or hacked to death in several occasions by the LTTE they have had no option other than leave. 
After ending of decade long war, now they have arrived back to the village where they were borne and lived for several generations. As most war victims still in displaced camps their lands have new owners or government authorities have given lands to other people without following legal procedure of the country land reform and redistribution.  

Among 28 families returned, 17 families have received lands from another area to settle down with  promise of some materials to build house but according to these people those materials they pledge to give not even enough to build a temporary huts and the area where they have received lands are far away from the village, near a forest with  elephants and other dangerous wild animals.  

People in "school camp" only asking a land from the village they born since still have some state lands in the village. people fear of education facilities for kids, livelihoods and safety will not secured If they go to another place away from the village. 

We have pass a very difficult time period, but we cannot let it happen to our children. 
My Name Have been removed from the government registry, now I have no voting right. They are  saying that "You have no address, so you cannot register"

I have nothing to lose, I will kill my self if they do not give us a space to live in our own village. 

They do not issuing my mothers' death certificate, saying it was not recorded. How can we do that during those violent time period. She was killed by the LTTE with 15 other people in the village in 1985.

 We, 28 families live in these huts for 6 years now, which are going to removed by the local authorities without giving a proper place to live.