Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Food Sovereignty Caravan at Mathara

Southern Fisheries Organization -Mathara, organized a conference on food sovereignty as a part of food sovereignty caravan conducting by NAFSO together with several civil groups working on agriculture, pastoral and environmental sectors. 
There are food related issues in everywhere of the world. People in Some countries, specially developed countries suffer with over weight due to intake of high nutritious food while millions of people suffer with malnutrition in major part of the world. 
We are changing our food patterns even without having concern on food related health issues like diabetes, blood pressure, hart diseases etc.that we are already facing a critical situation as a nation. As a country which having a long history of agriculture, we holds hundreds of food verities naturally growing in almost everywhere in the country. But what we are growing now are not our seeds protected for generations. Instead we are using genetically modified, imported seeds. We are loosing our right to hold our seeds. So do the right to food .
As majorly fishing community what are our issues in the sector, what are the root causes and why those issues are not answered by the any of government we select ourselves to solve our issues and what should we do as strong community group ware discussed.  
Priyankara Costa, Thilak Kariyawasan and few other activists given the speeches. Around 200 were participated to the program.
At the evening, a leaflet distribution campaign was conducted in Mathara town.