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Valikamam Land Issue


The High Security Zone established by the military in Valikamam North division (especially around Tellippalai) of the Jaffna peninsula in 1990. The HSZ encompassed 24 grama niladhari divisions, out of which 16 are completely out-of-bounds to their former residents. The HSZ also includes 18(11) kilometres of coastline between Kangesanthurai to Palali North
These Tamil families, who were traditionally dependent on farming and fishing for their livelihood, faced severe hardship. The Myliddy fisheries harbour is occupied by the navy and not accessible to civilians.

Due to the demarcation of High Security Zone in the year 1990, approximately 9,905 Tamil families consisting of 33,353 individuals continue to be displaced in Valikamam.
Affected people were living in the welfare centers since 1990, while the others stay with host families. Relief aids for IDP camps were stopped by the government in 2010.  In 2012 ,Mahinda Rajepaksha emphasized that there was no IDP welfare camps in Sri Lanka. As PARL we have submitted a statement to the UPR in Sep 2012 in order to challenge the government fake statement.  
In 2015, the President by the cabinet decision decided to release 220 acres in J 284 Valalai Grama Niladhari Division of the Valikamam East Divisional Secretariat Division to establish a Pilot Village for resettlement of 1,022 families displaced by the War. 
The government had announced the release of approximately 1000 acres of land. As the initial step of this the President along with the prime minister handed over a portion of land back to the people on the 24th  of March, 2015.
PA/NAFSO have conducted a study in Sep 2015 on IDP camps and found there have been 43 IDP camps existing in Jaffna Peninsula. The GOSL has accepted the report as well.
Approximately 1100 acres of land were released in Valikamam North in Jaffna peninsula by the government. However pressure groups including PARL persist in demanding the release of 5832 acres land in KKS, Valikamam North in Jaffna peninsula in Northern Province of Sri Lanka.
Since 2015 March, number of IDP families were relocated in their own places such as: Valalai, Thihiddy, Mahiliddy-south, Vimamgamam, Varththalavilan, Palali-East. Though the land is released, a few numbers of people only were back to their land because there are no basic facilities to the returnees.