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What will Next on Sampoor Lands


Sampur, is situated in the District of Trincomalee in Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. It comprises of five Grama Niladari Divisions and approximately 2300 families lived in the area. Prior to their lands were demarcated as Special Zone for Heavy Industry the villagers in the area lived a peaceful life.

2006 –               In April, the military bombed on three houses in Sampur without any notice and 09 people were killed on the incident. Due to that reasons, 815 families were displaced from Sampur. As a result the residents in the area fled for refuge and moved to camps made for internally displaced persons.
2007 –   Area was taken under the control of Navy.
The then President by Extra ordinary Gazette No. 1499/25 dated 30.05.2007 demarcated and declared the area as a High Security Zone under Emergency regulations.
2012 –               Government by Extra Ordinary Gazette No. 1758/26 dated 17.05. 2012 declared several areas in Sampur East and Minor Division of Koddiyar Pattu in the Divisional Secretariat Division of Mutur in the District of Trincomalee as Special Zone for heavy industry. This was for the purpose of constructing a coal-power plant and industries. The area contained a total extent of Eight Hundred and Eighteen Acres, Two Roods and Thirty Five decimal Three Eight Perchase (818A., 02R., 35.38P.)
More than 500 houses were destroyed and their Muslim and Tamil owners are prevented from access to their former agricultural lands and fishing areas.
2015 -               President Maithripala Sirisena by Extra Ordinary Gazette No. 1913/19 dated 07.05.2015 revoked the Gazette notification issues in 2012 which demarcated the Specified Zone for Heavy Industries.
Sri Lanka Gateway Industries Ltd (SLGI), challenged the gazette notification issued by the President revoking the release of land in Sampur, Trincomalee.
The Supreme Court refused to grant leave in the matter and thereby the gazette notification issued in 2015 became effective.
However the entirety of lands belongs to the people who were displaced have not been released. This includes two government schools and a Hindu Temple and paddy and agricultural lands of the residents.
Still more than 500 families are living in IDP welfare camps in Kilivetty, Kattaiparichchan and Manatchenai and Pattiththidal.
Also The farmers’ didn’t receive the manure subsidies from the government. Sampur farmers are disappointed on Manure subsidies also resettlement process.
The coal Power plant project is a threat for their livelihood and life. so the people are opposing the Coal power plant project which supposed to construct in Sampur.
People handed over a petition to the Human rights commission of Sri Lanka, it pointed out that “constructing a Coal power plant in Sampur is human rights violation of  those communities.”