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Who belongs Mullikulam Lands?


Mullikulam village is located in the Musali divisional secretariat area, in Mannar District. The village consists of up to 1200 acres of land.
 Agriculture and fishing are their primary means of livelihood of the residents in Mullikulam. People have permanent title deeds for agricultural lands, mainly paddy fields.

Three hundred and seven Tamil families from the Mullikulam grama niladhari division within Musali Divisional Secretariat have been displaced due to the establishment of a naval base in that area.
2007-                In September, during the final stage of war, the government’s military requested residents (more than 400 families) to vacate their homes immediately. The military ensured the return of the residents in three days. They vacated the place leaving their belongings.
                        They never returned to Mulikulam and were displaced. They moved to Thalvupadu, Valkaipetrankandal, Thalaimannar, Nanattan, Madukkarai; some also lived in Mannar town.
Two hundred and six (206) households were temporarily settled in the forested area of Manangkadu at the junction of Marichchikattu; while 54 families are living in Kayakkuli village.
                        They attempted to get back to their own houses with the support of the Bishop of Mannar, the parish priest of Silavathurai and other priests of the diocese, talking to many other officials including the district secretary, the divisional secretary and the navy area commanders.
2012                 In December, the Secretary to the defense ministry, Gotabaya Rajapaksha, visited with Cardinal Malcome Ranjith, Bishop of Mannar, Rayappu Joshep to solve this problem. Secretary promised that he would release the land from Mullikulam church away 750m. But the GOSL did not release lands.
2013                 Prior to the visit of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navaneetham Pillay on the 27th of August 2013, the GOSL renovated the Mullikulam church and inaugurated on 26th August 2013. Navy also built 27 houses in Manangkadu and handed over to people in Mullikulam.
Former President Mahinda Rajapaksha granted LDO permits for these 27 families.
2014 -               In September, The GOSL granted half acres of Land to 146 families. However no other facilities were given to the families.

 2015                In January, villagers and the Catholic Bishop of Mannar had reminded the then Governor of the Northern Province on the pledges made by the then Defense Secretary, during former President Rajapakse’s visit to Mannar for the election campaign. Land permits for a half acre of land in the cleared jungle area had been given to the displaced.
176 families are still living in Temporary shelters in Mangkadu eccept 27 families which received houses by Navy.
                        Northern Provincial council has provided 50,000 thousand rupees to each family. 83 families only received those aids.
                        People handed over a petition to the District secretary, mentioning that they want to go back to their origin place in Mullikkulam.