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Panama- Ragamvila People take another step in settling down

On 21st of May, Vesak Poya day, Panama, Ragamvila people, who took steps to settle down in their own lands in April, but still occupied by military taken a further step and placed a Buddha statue and planted a Bo Tree (Ficus religiosa) in a land plot where will be build the village temple which was existed before captured by the government using military. 

The program was began aroud 5.30 am and about 40 young men and women observe Sil, chief monk of Panama Bodirukkaramaya temple, Sanganayake Ven. Panama Chandrarathana thero lead the religious program. 

Ragamvila villagers have conducted basic land survey and has divided land plots among 36 village families with an agreement of change the land plot after conducting official survey by the government. But still have no clue, the government going to conduct of land survey and at least finalising of the land issue of Ragamvila people.