Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Let us Ensure Economic Social and Political Rights as Fundamental rights Through the New Constitution

National Fisheries Solidarity Conducted an Event on 28th of November to commemorate world fisheries day for the consecutive 21 time. The event was organized by the Mannar district fisheries solidarity (DIFSO-Mannar), the NAFSOs partner organization in Mannar. Fisher and farmer communities, civil society members, Religious community leaders, local political leaders, government officials participated. Nothern province fisheries minister Mr K. sivanation participated as the chief guest representing northern province chief minister. 

 A demonstration was held prior to the main event with hundreds of participants from 15 districts around the country. People voiced-out their demands which included "Stop land and ocean grabbing", "Resettle displaced people", "Ensure sustainable fisheries", "stop port city project" and "ensure ESC rights of the people" etc. 

Mr Sahan Isanka from Matara district, Fisheries minister of Northern provincial council, Women affairs minister of Northern provincial council, Mrs Anandi Sasidaran, NAFSOs national convenor, Mr Herman Kumara, Mrs Nlumka Weerakkodi from Galle district, Mrs Kolistinmary from Kilinochchi district, Sajeewa Chamikara representing Peoples Alliance for Land Rights (PARL), N.M. Aalam representing Nothern Province Fisher Peoples Unity and Loyal Pieris representing the National Fisher Union delivered speeches.