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Governance partners’ workshop

Governance partners’ workshop
The Governance partners workshop related to CAFOD was held at the CSR centre on 18 of June 2015. The  objective of the workshop were joint reflection, analysis, and planning and support to partners for monitoring and evaluation of impact related to the governance project.  Participants were able to look back the progress of past 6 months, recent events and changes in the context , indentify the 10 trends in shrinking civil space and the implication for strategies and planning under the reflecting session.

Participants were  concerned the   anticipated events and scenarios, updating ‘next steps’ and strategies in light of these, and the issues raised in the reflection sessions as well as content and process for next proposals to CAFOD.

A new monitoring tool, Outcome Harvesting was introduced with sharing experience in the workshop and there was a discussion on accountability measures (participation, provision of information, and feedback mechanisms) identifying  the risks.

Governance partners of CAFOD such as MONLAR, LST, CSR and NAFSO participated in the workshop.