Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquaculture - 2022

Workshop on PRA Research Report Review

Workshop on Participatory Rural Appraisal Assessment (PRA) 
to determine the disaster situation at district level

Review workshop of Participatory Rural Appraisal Assessment (PRA) to determine disaster situation at district level, and to review the youth participation was held in Colombo. 35 district staff participated for the program.
District Coordinators agreed to increase the youth participation at district level to initiate youth led activities and to complete PRA assignment within two weeks. Mr.Gamini Thilakaratne, Mr. Pradeep Laksiri, Mr. Anthoney Jesudasn, Mr.Priyankar Costa and Mr.Raid Mahdid facilitated the workshop. Workshop Objectives.

1.      To review PRA reports done by the districts and to identify the mistakes
2.      To re write the PRA reports with the participation of district teams.
3.      To review the district level ongoing youth programs and develop a future program and develop a program monitoring plan.
Field visits will be conducted by the country office staff to all districts to develop a Follow up program and to finalize a common action plan