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Poonthalir Women District meeting in Jaffna

Poonthalir Women Jaffna district meeting 

Poonthalir Women Jaffna district meeting held at Marudanamadam with 30 women representatives. Strategized how to mediate for getting their land back and living with dignity in resettled areas in Thellippalai DS division in Jaffna.
Women raised their serious concerns over appointment of new Prime Minister MR and said, “We lost our land, our houses and our children were forced disappeared during MR regime. Now ha is back and we are scared as we may loss our other kids with us and may lose our land we received past three years.”
“We did not get everything we wanted. But we had some democratic space to cry demanding them. Now people are scared to come forward and demand our rights again.” Added one woman leader of Thellipalai.