Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

Youth Meeting

Visioning and Annual Planning Meeting

Youth Movement for Environment and Social Change(YMESOC) of NAFSO held it’s Annual General Meeting 2018 at Kamatha, Angunawila, Puttlam during 19 and 20 December.
There were 65 youth representing 13 district committees attended the session for reflection over the annual activities conducted past year as well as detail planning for the year 2019 together with identify strategic areas for intervene 2020-2022.
At the end of the session, Laksiri Fernando, the Youth Coordinator of NAFSO said, “I am amazed to see the enthusiasm of our members for the planning exercise as well as the achievements in the past year, after declining of our engagements in the youth activities.”
Ajith Rupasonghe, the founder of “Mihimawage Daruwo” Environmental Group at Kurunegala Said, “this is a good start. But our journey is long and we want to move forward with clear understanding with what future we want. The “Dolukanda declaration” 2018 will give understanding what we want to achieve in future. And Diyathalawa declaration 2019 will bring the youth to Global solidarity to have a better future for all people.”
In his final input,
Herman Kumara said,
“With or without us, the Mother Earth will remain. But, the life of the earth won’t be there unless the concern citizens, youth in particular as owners of the world take effective measures to Protect the Mother Earth. So, Youth in the world should come forward to take the lead today. Tomorrow will be too late unless concern persons come forward for take the lead today.”