Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

BMZ Project

BMZ Project annual reflection and planning meeting
BMZ Project annual reflection and planning meeting is being held  at Global Tower Hotel in Colombo on 8/9 January 2019. Relevant secretariat and filed staff of NAFSO participate in the meeting. 

2nd Annual Evaluation and Planning sessions of the BMZ Project " Ensuring Land Rights for small scale producers for sustainable and Resilient Livelihoods" were held at Hotel Global Towers, Colombo from 8th to 10th January.12 Members of both Project partners (NAFSO & ICS) were present and the sessions were conducted by the OXFAM  staff members.Attention was focused on providing qualitative services to the people in the 5 Districts where this project is being carried out since 2017. During the sessions conducted special attention was drawn towards  5 key Oxfam Policies such as Child safeguarding, Disability inclusion, Mainstreaming Gender Policy, Feedback and Complaint Policy and Value for money Policy.While implementing the activities  scheduled  for 2019 it was agreed to give prominence in complying wit the above policies