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Regoinal Workshop in Trincomale

Regional Workshop on 
Social Audit, Relationship with
Local Governments and Responsibilities of Local Leaders
An education program was conducted for the selected citizen forum members from Ampara and Trincomale districts under the themes of social audit, local governance and responsibilities of the community leaders in relation to the above areas. This program was conducted at the Kulakottam Hall in Trincomale on 29th of January 2019.  There were around 50 participants in the program. 
Some areas were covered such as ensuring the quality of the development projects and being used the resource efficiently, taking decision and planning the most suitable development projects for the people, monitoring the implementation of the projects by using the social audit tool,  complaining mechanism  in relation to the development projects in the area, building constructive relationship with local government bodies as well as playing citizens a leading role as a leader in the community in the program. Participants actively engaged with the training raising different questions. There was a good conversation related to the mentioned themes in the program. Mr. Nawarathne Raja, Lawyer, Retire Principle, Legal Adviser facilitated the training program.