Let us Proudly Commemorate International Year of Small Scale Fisheries & Aquiculture - 2022

NAFSO and National Fish Workers Trade Union leaders affirmed their commitment to a national fisheries policy on May day rally!

Loyel Peiris, the chair person of National Fish Workers Trade Union and https://www.facebook.com/nafsosl/videos/378273516232744/
Nalaka Rosiro, coordinator, policy studies of NAFSO reconfirmed their commitment to a national fisheries policy which is sustainable and aim at the wellbeing of small-scale fisheries including safety at Sea at the May day rally held at CMU, Colpetty which was organized by the Organization for Protection of Public Resources and Human Rights.
At the meeting video message Nalaka said, "throughout the coming year, we will launch our struggle for establish sustainable fisheries policy". GOSL had initiated to draft a fisheries policy in order to achieve goals of Blue Economy and small-scale fisheries is not in the agenda, added Nalaka in his message.
Loyel Peiris, the chairperson of the national fish workers trade union, in a video message Loeyl said, " We are highly concern about safety of the fishers in the sea. As the second dangerous occupation of the world, fisher people loss their lives and we need to pay attention for the protection of them. So,  the adoption of ILO fishing convention 2007 will be our main focus of the year."
We want GOSL take this seriously in the climate change context and take precautionary actions through ratifying and drafting policies on this matter. Added Loyel in his message.